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When literary legends Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Ken Tynan and George Plimpton meet at Hem’s favorite Havana restaurant, El Floridita, egos clash and sparks fly.  Also in Havana at the time are Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Elaine Dundy, as well as CIA and Soviet agents.

Sky Warriors

This WWII action drama is based on the lives and  exploits of four courageous fighter pilots  – Douglas Bader (RAF), Adolf Galland (Luftwaffe), Jim Finnegan (USAAF), and Jack Rae (RNZAF/RAF) –  whose lives intersected during the war and who became friends afterwards. The story  is recounted to their grandchildren by an old veteran who met all four pilots.

A Grand Affair

The story of the barely-concealed affair between General Dwight D. Eisenhower (“Ike”), Allied Supreme Commander in Europe during WWII, and the beautiful Irish-English Lieutenant Kay Summersby, his driver and personal assistant who accompanied Ike throughout the duration of America’s involvement in WWII.

This is the true story of the brilliant German gynecologist who discovered the “G” spot and pioneered the IUD, and who was imprisoned by the Nazis because he was a Jew, until ransomed and freed by his American friend, the leading birth control activist, Margaret Sanger.

Loosely based on the life, loves and exploits of the beautiful and ruthless pirate, Ching Shih, who ruled the South China Sea at the beginning of the 19th Century, outwitted her enemies, fell in love with an English naval officer, and was pardoned by the Chinese Emperor.

AKA “Cook – Fatal Voyage,” and based on the diary of a young American, John Ledyard, who accompanied Cook on his third and final voyage. Ledyard witnessed the deterioration of the great English explorer’s mental faculties as Cook became increasingly cruel and unstable, leading to his violent death.

Killing Ashley Down Under

A burnt-out San Francisco lawyer in her early 30’s, going on a holiday to New Zealand, mistakenly picks up a laptop belonging to a drug cartel that’s identical to her own while proceeding through security at SFO, resulting in a roller-coaster ride of murder and mayhem Down Under, until the cartel hitmen on her trail get their just deserts – and she gets her mojo back.


The story of the legendary African-American scholar, sportsman, lawyer, singer, actor and civil rights activist of international renown, who was a man for all seasons and a veritable Othello on and off the world stage during the 1920’s-1950’s.


A gifted Maori boy growing up in Aotearoa-New Zealand finds meaning and enjoyment through art, and he dreams of becoming an artist. While many fail to appreciate him, including his father and school teacher, a Maori elder appreciates how gifted the boy is, and encourages him to persevere against the odds to fulfill his dream.