Four Stars International is an independent film production company with offices in New Zealand and California. The company’s goal is to develop and produce quality feature films that entertain, inspire, and where possible educate audiences worldwide. Four Stars is also involved the development and production of television films and series.







Richard Akel is the President of FSI and producer of the following feature-length films:  Havana Rendezvous, Sky Warriors, Aphrodite’s Doctor, Captain Cook : The Fatal Voyage (aka The Madness of Captain Cook), A Grand affair, Pirate Queen, and others.  He’s a graduate of  Cambridge University in England (LL.M.), and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA (MFA in  Motion Pictures and Television). He’s a veteran (NZ Army), who has been involved in civil rights, and the anti-apartheid movement.


Janny. Liverpool St

Janny Hammond is the Vice-President of Four Stars International and also the producer of   Havana Rendezvous,  Aphrodite’s Doctor, Sky Warriors, Captain Cook: The Fatal Voyage, and A Grand Affair.  She was also an Executive Producer for the New Zealand film, Oku Moe Moea.  Janny is a published author of two books and a script analyst for First Round Edits. She is a graduate of the University of Waikato (NZ) and Victory University (NZ) and is a supporter of civil rights, including women’s rights, and the HIV/AIDS community.